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Welcome to Mrs. London's

Molly O'Neill wrote in the New York Times that "Mrs. London's would be much more at home on the Right Bank of Paris than in a resort town upstate." Be that as it may, Mrs. London's is very much at home in the Queen of the Spas town of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and we hope, with a few select items from her shop, very much at home with you.

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There were three brothers who lived with their blind mom. On her birthday, they decide that each of them would get her a birthday present. The first one bought her a very luxury car with a driver. The second one got her a big and beautiful house. The third one decided to get her a talking parrot that will keep her company. A few days after her birthday, they came together to check her out and wanted to know which gift she loved the most. She said that they were all great family strokers kind of presents but thanked her third son because she really liked the chicken dinner best.

I live next door to a guy that owned a small tow truck company that he ran out of his house. He did mainly repossessions, and though it would be funny to letter his truck with saying like “If you can’t pay we don’t play, we’ll grab you vehicle today.” As you can imagine that didn’t go over too well with people, and his truck was constantly vandalized. As you may have guessed, his truck is all black now.

My boyfriend and I went to a Halloween party wearing some fairly generic costumes. The thing is, he's black and so much better than others... and I'm white. Naturally, people took that into account when evaluating the costumes. They asked if he was supposed to be some sort of voodoo priest, and if I was supposed to be one of his zombies. At this point, I wished that one of us knew some real magic and we could have put a curse on them, but that probably would have confirmed his suspicions.

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