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Our remarkable array of desserts is renowned not only for their pristine appearance, but their depth of taste and harmony of flavors. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship them at this time.

We make CHARLOTTES, two examples of which are DOUBLEBERRY - Ladyfingers wrapped around a vanilla bean bavarian with a raspberry/strawberry mousse center and topped with fresh raspberries and strawberries, and JIVARA, a malty, milk chocolate mousse with a caramel mousse center. Our CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE is a genoise-lined loaf filled with a silken chocolate mousse and served with a white rum sabayon. Our STRAWBERRY BED, or Fraisier, consists of fresh strawberries embedded in an unctuous pistachio mousseline.

We make LEMON MERINGUE TARTLETTES, ECLAIRS, GOURMANDISE, NAPOLEONS, SAVARINS, CHERRY CLAFOUTIS, and a deconstructed, reconstructed Tarte Tropezienne known as a BERET SAINT-TROPEZ, a brioche in the form of a beret filled with a cream flavored with Kirsch and Orange Flower water. You can find a Ricard flavored Gateau Basque, a melting version of a FROMAGE BLANC TARTLETTE and a luscious APRICOT-D'AZUR, apricot halves set in an anise flavored cream and setoff with a disc of caramelized orange chiboust. It's not a matter of finding something to love, it's a matter of "O my god, where do I begin?", the most common refrain heard in our shop.


pastriesMade Through The Night
At Mrs. London's we present an expansive repertoire for a small shop with a relatively small staff. We offer a large range of Viennoiseries - morning pastries, which we make through the night so they're at their freshest in the morning. Croissant, Danish and Brioche in many forms, Scones, Brittany's (Kouing-aman) Cannelé, Fine & Rustic Apple Tarts, Kugelhoph, and an assortment of coffeecakes.

Neo-classic Pastries and Desserts
Our pastries, desserts and decor are neoclassic. And by this I mean that they derive from a largely French classic repertoire, but are recreated and even reinvented anew. I want to make it clear, though, that we're not limited to just French stuff. We make what we think are the most scrumptious Scones on the planet, Brownies, Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies, the finest Danish pastries in New York City (that's what we're told, anyway, by Manhattanites), Chocolate Babka, Pies and once in a while Bialys. And while we haven't in a while, we're even known to stretch our own strudel.

PLEASE CHECK OUR Store Hours BEFORE PLANNING A VISIT. We look forward to seeing you here.

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