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This Is Just Like Being in Paris
We also think you'll appreciate and enjoy the unique ambience of our shop. Many people tell us "this is so European," or "This is just like being in Paris," but except for our French bread racks, our furnishings are strictly American, albeit the America of around 1815. I wondered for a long time how to come to terms with the décor of a patisserie in America and not have it look like a stage set, with cardboard figures of the Eiffel Tower. You get the picture. And then one day on a walk in Paris I made the connection. All I had to do was, by and large, furnish our shop in much the same way Wendy and I have been attempting to restore our 1800 farmhouse in Greenwich, New York. In fact, many of the furnishings of classic America derive and take their influence from the 1803 French furniture directories. The wallpaper in our shop is a wonderful Brunchwig & Fils adaptation of an arabesque pattern made in France and hung in Connecticut in the 1790's. The mirrors or looking glasses (one of which inspired our logos) are all from this same Federal, neo-classic period in America, as are the schoolgirl silk-on-silk embroideries from Philadelphia. And we lucked out. Our friend Hugo Ramirez from New York City, probably the foremost authority on 19th century American lighting, phoned to say that he had recreated Argand chandeliers for the film Amistad and now that filming was over did we want them? Voila!


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